Dining out at home … how to keep yourself safe when ordering takeaway


Dining out at home … how to keep yourself safe when ordering takeaway.jpg

One of the consequences of self isolation is that we’re all doing a lot more cooking than usual. There’s no more date nights at your favourite restaurant or leisurely Sunday brunches at a trendy café. And while it’s a great opportunity to expand your culinary repertoire, you might be at the stage where you are ready for a break from cooking. The good news is that many of our fabulous local eateries have transitioned to takeaway or home delivery options, which is a win-win; you get an amazing meal cooked by someone else and you’re supporting Tassie businesses and jobs.

Understandably in these uncertain times you may be concerned about the safety of takeaway or home deliveries but it’s important to note that scientists and government confirm that there is no evidence of food transmission of COVID-19. So, that concern sorted, what are the best ways to minimise your risk when choosing takeaway or home delivery services?

If you are ordering takeaway that you are going to pick-up yourself, avoid touching public surfaces like door handles when collecting. Use your elbow or foot to open doors or better still choose a curbside pickup. Pay for your order over the phone or online to reduce contact when collecting and remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser immediately after collection. Importantly, avoid touching your face before washing or sanitising your hands.  

For home delivery, opt for a contactless delivery where the courier will leave your order on your doorstep, or if this is not the standard method of delivery, request it when ordering. When your delivery arrives remove exterior packaging and dispose of it in your outside bin. Transfer the food to your own clean dishes and use your own cutlery to serve and eat. Again, dispose of all containers and packaging into your outside bin as soon as possible and wash your hands before and after eating. Disinfect all surfaces in your home that come into contact with delivery bags or containers.

At a time when so many businesses have been forced to close or to change their business models to survive, supporting local is vital. Where you can try to get behind Tasmanian businesses and keep dollars in our state. A new local eatery collective, Apocalypse Eats, is an all-Tasmanian home delivery food service that is currently under construction. The collective is building an online platform with an all-Tasmanian menu by local chefs who use local produce and keep local staff employed. Watch our Facebook page for further details when the site launches.

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