Become a better baker … a simple trick for biscuits


Become a better baker … a simple trick for biscuits2.jpg

Baking can be one of the most rewarding tasks, and sweet or savoury biscuits are often a family favourite. This simple trick will help you master the art of perfectly rounded biscuits.

To achieve a uniform look across all your biscuits, make sure to have a circular biscuit cutter on-hand to reshape your biscuits. Once freshly baked and taken out of the oven, use the biscuit cutter to reshape your biscuits while they are still hot and malleable. Using a circular motion to push or swirl the biscuit around inside the biscuit cutter, it gently bats the sides and neatens the edges out into a circle. Make sure your biscuit cutter is slightly bigger than your freshly baked biscuits – if the mould is too big or small, it’s a lot easier to damage your biscuits. Biscuit cutters are a very versatile tool and a welcome addition to any kitchen arsenal. Alongside biscuits you can use them to portion pastry, shape pancakes, create interesting sandwich shapes for the kids and much more.

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