Juice your way … to better health


Juicing is a fantastic way to consume a concentrated mix of vitamins and phytochemicals in a quick, easy and delicious way. Different combinations of fruit and vegetables have different health benefits. Do you need more energy? Do you have digestive problems? Do you want to lose weight? Depending on your health and nutrition goals, take a moment to consider: which is the right juice for you?

First a few juicing tips. There are many domestic juicers on the market.  Some filter all the pulp from the juice, leaving you with a thinner juice lacking the fibre of the original fruit or vegetable. Others work by pressing or crushing the fruit and have a larger filter which lets some fibre out.  Both are healthy in different ways, and other nutritious ingredients can be added such as flaxseeds or chia seeds to up the fibre content.

Try for a mix of fruit and veg in your juices.  By using only fruits, you might end up inadvertently consuming too much sugar. 

Here are our juice ‘prescriptions’ for what you need!

Need more energy?
Green juices are great energy boosters.  Green pigments in plants increase oxygen in your blood flow which helps energy levels and brain function. Juice some kale, spinach, cucumber, green apples, celery and mint. A squeeze of lemon juice and slice of raw ginger will counteract the earthy taste of the greens.

Want to lose weight?
Raw juices can speed up the metabolism and enhance calorie-burning. Foods with a high water content and high fibre are great for weight loss as they have very few calories. The best candidates for this are watermelon, cucumber, celery and carrots. Apple and kiwi fruit can add sweetness.

Want glowing skin?
Cucumber is very hydrating and contains magnesium, potassium and silica. Add a whole cucumber with apple, parsley and banana to your juicer for a tasty skin tonic.

Need an immunity boost?
Broccoli is a well-known superfood and with its high vitamin C content, is great for boosting your immunity. We won’t dress this up – straight broccoli juice probably tastes disgusting – but throw in a couple of Vitamin C-loaded kiwi fruits (super foods in themselves) and a peeled orange, you will create an immunity boosting super-juice!

Cucumbers are 90% water and so have a good hydrating effect. Combine a whole cucumber with 1 cup of coconut water, an orange and half a squeezed lemon for the ultimate hydrating juice. Coconut water’s high electrolyte, magnesium, calcium and potassium content couples well with the cucumber to provide a rapid rehydration after exercise.

Poor digestion?
Papaya and ginger are well known stomach-settlers. Papaya contains papain which assists the digestion of protein.  Ginger is a recognised anti-nausea treatment which calms the digestive tract.  Add a squeeze of lime for a delicious zing.

Feeling old?
Berries, with all their antioxidants and vitamin C, are your friends if you want to combat the signs of ageing. Juice up some berries, add a few kale leaves, half a sliced beetroot and a cup of coconut water and leave the young ones in your wake with this anti-ageing and energy-enhancing tonic.

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