How to clean reusable shopping bags … kitchen helper


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We Tasmanians led the country in getting rid of single use plastic shopping bags and we have readily embraced more environmentally friendly options including cloth bags and recycled plastic bags. But as with any product that we use over and over, our bags need a regular clean to keep them germ-free. Here’s our handy guide to cleaning reusable shopping bags.

Keep your bags as clean and hygienic as possible and avoid cross-contamination by carrying different types of food in different bags (a colour coded bag system is great for this). Use one colour bag for meat, another for produce and another for grocery items.

Cloth bags are easy to clean as they can be popped in the washing machine. First give them a good shake to remove any debris in the bottom and give them a hot wash to kill any bacteria. Avoid bleach as it will weaken the fibres in the bag. Bags can be dried on the clothes line or in the clothes dryer. Cloth bags should be washed once a week or straight away if you have a spill.

Recycled plastic bags are bags made from recycled plastic like PET. These bags should be hand-washed. Shake them out, then wipe with warm, soapy water. Turn the bag inside out and pay attention to seams. Wipe the bag down with a clean, dry towel and then let it air-dry.


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