Easter crafts … fun for little (and not so little) kids


Easter crafts … fun for little (and not so little) kids.jpg

With Easter this year shaping up to be a little different to previous years, we’ve been looking for ways to keep the magic alive and to keep the kids busy. The good news is that the Easter Bunny has been given a clearance to visit everyone’s house because, let’s be honest, there’s not much more essential work than delivering chocolate. So, with Easter coming now is the perfect time to get the kids making some Easter craft to decorate the house and get everyone in the Easter spirit. We’ve put together a few simple ideas for you to try.


Easter cards

This one is super-simple and is a lovely way for the kids to send Easter wishes to family and friends who they can’t spend this Easter with. All you need is some coloured paper, glue, scissors and thicker card if you would like a sturdier weight card. Trace a bunny shape (you can mix it up with eggs, chicks or any Easter themed image) onto a sheet of white paper. Cut out the shape and set aside. Cut strips from coloured paper and glue onto the folded card sheet and then place the cut out shape over the top and glue into place. Add a white tail cut from paper or you can also use a cotton wool ball.


Easter bunting 

A gorgeous way to give your house an Easter-theme. Cut out bunny shapes, add a tail made from cotton wool or you can make your own pom-pom tail with wool, attach to string and voila – you’ve got the cutest bunny bunting around.


Egg Wreath 

Who says wreaths are just for Christmas? This adorable wreath will look cute and colourful on your front door. Simply cut out egg shapes, glue together, affix a ribbon and you’re done.


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