Be barbecue ready … our guide to the must-have accessories


Be barbecue ready … our guide to the must-have accessories2.jpg

The warmer months of spring and summer mean that we can spend more time outdoors, soaking up some warmth and enjoying cooking on the barbecue. And like any form of cooking, the right tools will ensure that you get good results. There’s a whole range of barbecue tools available but what do you really need for a successful barbecue?

1.       Apron

Barbecues can splatter and spit so look after your clothes with a heavy-duty apron. Humorous prints and slogans are optional but always good fun.

2.       Tongs

Your regular kitchen tongs just won’t cut it for the barbecue (unless you don’t mind getting singed fingers). Opt for long handled tongs with a one-handed release mechanism instead.

3.       Spatula

Like tongs, you’ll want a dedicated barbecue spatula. Choose one with a long handle and slots for drainage. Sharp edges on the spatula will make separating and cutting a breeze.

4.       Knives

If you are taking knives outside you should choose high quality stainless steel for maximum longevity. A carving knife, chef’s knife and paring knife are ideal, but if you want to opt for just one, go with an all-purpose chef’s knife.

5.       Enamelware

Don’t risk your good dinner set outside, choose enamelware instead. Strong and durable, it won’t break even when dropped making it ideal for eating outdoors. Enamelware is lightweight, easy to clean and oven safe to high temperatures so you can pop a plate of sausages in the oven to stay warm without worrying about breakages. Hill Street Home have an extensive collection of enamelware available in-store.

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