All you need to know about coffee drinks … our guide


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From latte to long black, piccolo to cappuccino, there’s no denying that there’s plenty of choices available when it comes to ordering a coffee. But knowing what to order can be tricky especially if you’re wanting to try something new. Let’s take a look at some of the most common coffee drinks so that you can order with confidence next time you fancy a caffeine-hit.


Also known as a “short black”, the espresso features a single shot of coffee with no extra water added. It is rich and intense and perfect for a quick coffee fix. You can also order a double-shot of espresso if you want more of that liquid gold.

An espresso shot is also the basis of many of the other coffee drinks available.

Flat White

There’s fierce debate about whether the flat white is an Australian or New Zealand invention. It features a double shot of espresso topped with about 150 - 200 millilitres of heated milk. There is little to no froth as air is not incorporated into the milk when being steamed.


Created in Italy during World War II for American troops who didn’t enjoy the intensity of Italian espresso, this coffee consists of water and espresso. It is usually made with one-third espresso to two-thirds hot water.  The hot water is poured over the espresso.

Long Black

While some people think that the long black and the Americano are the same, they are in fact two distinct drinks. The long black is much stronger and is made by pouring a double shot of espresso over hot water.


A single shot of espresso served in a small latte glass, topped with steamed milk. Smooth in flavour, it’s ideal if you want a coffee without too much milk.


Available in long and short varieties, macchiato features espresso served in a glass that is filled with steamed milk and finished with a small layer of foam. If you like strong espresso but want to tone it down a bit, the macchiato is a great choice.


One-third espresso is topped with one-third heated milk and one-third frothy milk and dusted with cocoa or chocolate.


The ever-popular latte features an espresso shot topped with steamed milk and a layer of milk crema.


If you like a little bit of sweetness with your coffee then the mocha is for you. It is a latte with chocolate added to the espresso shot before the milk, or it can be made by adding the chocolate to the milk before frothing.

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