8 ways to use baking paper ... that aren't just about non-stick


8 ways to use baking paper ... that aren't just about non-stick2.jpg

Baking paper is one of the most useful items to have in your kitchen. Covered with a silicone coating, it is grease and moisture resistant and it can withstand temperatures up to 230C.

Here are 8 ways that you can use baking paper:

1.     Lining cake tins – to avoid that horrible feeling of having a cake stick to the tin, grease as usual and line the tin with baking paper. If you cut the baking paper longer than required it also creates “handles” that can be used to lift the cake from the tin easily.

2.     Lining baking trays – save mess by lining baking trays with baking paper. The paper protects the tray and prevents food from burning or sticking to the tray.

3.     Pseudo muffin cups – of course you can buy muffin cups that are ready to fill but if you find yourself without them you can use baking paper to fashion a homemade version. Simply use a can or a glass to shape the baking paper around, making folds as you go to hold the muffin mixture.

4.     Funnel it – adding ingredients to an electric mixer that is spinning around can get messy, but you can use a sheet of baking paper to make a funnel for pouring ingredients directly into the bowl without making a mess.

5.     En papillote – this French method of cooking involves wrapping and cooking food in baking paper. It works well with seafood and chicken, as well as vegetables. You can add liquid such as stock, coconut milk or wine to help steam the food and herbs to add flavour.

6.     Rolling – use baking paper to roll cookie dough into a log. It is fantastic when you are making your own garlic butter, simply spread the butter and garlic onto the roll taking it close to the edge of the paper. Fold and roll to form a cylinder and then twist the ends to close it. You can then place it in the freezer to firm up until you are ready to slice pieces off.

7.     Decorate – don’t have a fancy piping bag or tips to decorate your cake? A rectangular sheet of baking paper will do the job. Simply roll it into a cone shape, fill with icing or melted chocolate, snip the end and voila, you’ve got a piping bag.

8.     Separate – use baking paper in between layers of food like hamburgers to keep them from sticking to each other.

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