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Wallaby is an excellent protein that is lean, healthy and tasty. At Hill Street we source our wallaby from Tasmanian Lenah Game Meats, a locally owned company that has been operating for nearly 30 years. It was founded by John Kelly, an Agricultural Scientist and former Agricultural Advisor with the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries. Concerned about the environmental damage caused by European style grazing agriculture, John decided that there must be a better way and Tasmanian Lenah Wallaby was what he saw as the answer.

Lenah wallaby is sourced direct from Tasmanian grasslands free from antibiotics, chemicals or human intervention resulting in a beautiful quality meat that is sustainably sourced from animals that naturally belong here, in harmony with our environment. Wallabies emit almost no methane, thus wallaby meat can be eaten with a carbon-free conscience.

Lenah follows a zero waste ethos, committed to using the whole animal and they have developed a range of sustainable fur products as a by-product of their game meat harvesting. They use all parts of the animal that they harvest, with a range of portion-controlled cuts and smallgoods for restaurants and the home cook, as well as preservative-free high quality pet food products. Wallaby skins are made into homewares and fashion items.

Nutritionally wallaby is a high protein, low fat meat. Its low fat status makes it fantastic to cook with and it offers many nutritional benefits including building lean muscle, reducing muscle loss and helping to maintain a healthy weight. An average 150 gram portion of wallaby provides an adult with 65% of their daily protein needs, as well as containing long chain omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which support heart health.

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