The whole catch … Why we love Tasmanian salmon


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The Whole Catch … why we love Tasmanian Huon Salmon

Tasmania's pristine waters are ideal for growing the best salmon in the world. Apart from its delicious taste, salmon is also one of only 14 known superfoods. The numerous health benefits of salmon mean you should be including it as a regular part of your diet.

Salmon has achieved superfood status due to it being low in saturated fat and calories yet high in protein. It contains large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and diets rich in Omega-3 have been found to be beneficial to heart health, joint mobility, cancer protection, weight loss, brain development and function, energy production, oxygen transfer, immunity and healthier skin and hair.  Omega-3 oils are the building blocks of life with every cell in your body using long chain fatty acids. The human body doesn’t produce Omega-3 on its own so dietary intake is crucial. Salmon also contains vitamin B12, which helps to produce brain chemicals that impact our mood. Studies have found that low levels of B12 may be linked to depression.

One of the great things about salmon is that it can be eaten at breakfast (think creamy scrambled eggs with cold smoked salmon and chives), lunch (we love Honey and Soy Huon Salmon with Ginger, Sesame and Asian Greens), or dinner (click here for recipe inspiration from our friends at Huon Aquaculture).

Why Huon Salmon?

Focusing on improving the lives of farm animals, Huon are proud to be Australia’s first and only RSCPA Approved Salmon. Huon Salmon is grown using a set of principles called ‘The Huon Method’, an approach that guides practices in Huon’s hatcheries, farms and smokehouse. The Huon Method results in quality salmon and ocean trout, farmed sustainably and ethically. The key tenets of the Huon Method are:

- Low stress - Salmon are raised to mirror the natural life cycle of fish in the wild.

- Well nourished - The highest quality feed is dispensed by Huon’s ingenious remote feeding systems with patented artificial intelligence technology.

- Kept clean and healthy - Nurtured in the most spacious enclosures in the world thanks to Huon’s patented Fortress Pens with 99 per cent water to 1 per cent fish.

- Raised with sustainable practices – Huon farm in some of the roughest waters in the world, ensuring greater oxygen flow and breakdown of nutrients.

Huon’s high-quality salmon is renowned across Australia and around the world for its exceptional flavour and vibrant colour. The beautiful marbling of the flesh creates a rich but smooth flavour. One of the keys to great tasting salmon is freshness and Huon head out to work when everyone else is fast asleep, to harvest late at night. This ensures Huon Salmon reaches our stores as fresh as possible, giving salmon that tastes simply superb.

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