Use it all … milk


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Milk is a household staple but it is also one of the top five most wasted ingredients in Australia. Apart from wasting money throwing out unused food (including milk), there is also an environmental impact with food waste responsible for around 8% of greenhouse gases. So we’ve put together some tips to help you reduce your milk waste.

Storage is critical to keeping milk fresh. Despite the fact that many of us store our milk in our fridge door, this is actually not the best spot for it. The door is warmer than the shelves so if possible, store milk on the shelves. Keep milk in a sealed container and away from strong-smelling food to avoid picking up smells. If you find yourself throwing out milk because you don’t use it all before the use-by date, consider buying a smaller size carton.

Milk can be frozen, although whole milk doesn’t freeze as well as light milk due to its higher fat content. If you want to freeze milk, make sure you do so while it is still within its use by date. Milk will expand in the freezer so bear this in mind and store it in a suitable container. Milk also tends to turn yellow when frozen, don’t worry – it is still ok to use. To defrost frozen milk, pop it in the fridge and shake it well before use.

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