Taking it slow … why you need a slow cooker in your life


Let’s be honest, cooking dinner every night can be a real pain in the … neck. And as much as we love cooking, there are days when the thought of preparing another family meal is enough to push us straight to the nearest drive-through. But, there is a way to have a nutritious, tasty meal waiting for you when you get home, and it doesn’t involve hiring a personal chef. No, the answer is a slow cooker.


Slow cookers have been around for years now; they are perfect for winter soups, casseroles and curries. A slow cooker will help take the hassle out of cooking; simply put it on in the morning (or the night before) and come home to a delicious and warm meal ready to serve.


The other great thing about a slow cooker is that you can use less expensive proteins that are good for low and slow cooking like gravy beef, blade roast, chuck steak, lamb shanks, chicken thighs, or pork shoulder. The long cooking process results in mouth-wateringly tender meat. Slow cooking also results in great tasting meals, as the gentle process brings out the flavours of food. Nutritionally, slow cooking is a great way to maintain the nutrients in food.


Slow cookers offer a one pot solution, reducing waste and clean up time. Just place everything in the slow cooker uncooked (you may want to brown off your meat first as this will create more flavour), and by the time you arrive home your meat and veggies will be perfectly cooked. It’s also the perfect kitchen tool to use when meal prepping. Cook your meals en masse and use the leftovers for lunches and dinners throughout the week.

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