Sustainable wrapping ideas … for a waste-conscious Christmas

It’s Christmas morning, and the presents have been torn open in a wave of excitement. Now all that’s left of your perfectly wrapped gifts is a pile of wrapping paper that’s destined for the rubbish bin. Save yourself the hassle of the Christmas morning clean-up and do your part for the planet this holiday season with our top tips for sustainable gift wrapping.


Beeswax wraps:

Using a beeswax wrap to wrap gifts is a great way to give more sustainably. Because beeswax wraps are naturally tacky, they don’t require tape to hold their sides and edges together. The wraps can be used again in the kitchen to wrap fruit, cover bowls, etc.



Also known as Japanese fabric wrapping. This age-old wrapping style is an ancient tradition in Japan. The art of Furoshiki uses beautiful fabrics, reusable fabric wraps, scarves, or even tea towels to wrap and transport items and gifts. The best thing about Furoshiki is that by using a scarf or a tea towel you are also giving a second gift, it’s a win/win.


Newspaper, Maps, and Sheet Music:

Give new life to old newspapers, maps, or sheet music by using them to wrap your Christmas gifts. They evoke a beautiful vintage vibe, giving your wrapping a point of difference that is interesting and incredibly sustainable.


Fabric gift bags:

A smaller take on a Santa sack, or a Christmas stocking, you can use fabric bags to “wrap” your gifts. Or if you’ve got a large gift or a lot of gifts, Christmas sacks and stockings are a great solution and they can be personalised, passed down through generations, and used repeatedly making them a wrapping option that is heartfelt and super sustainable.


Sweet Extras:

There are some great sustainable ways to decorate your newly wrapped gifts. Dried oranges, limes, and lemons make beautiful decorations when tied to your gifts as do flowers, leaves, and foliage.

Use recycled ribbon, twine, or raffia to secure your decorations.

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