Six alternatives to take-away … that will save you money


We’ve all been there.  Late home from sports practice or a late work commitment. You’re frazzled. “I’ll just grab some takeaway on the way home”, you say.  Before you know it $80 has left your wallet. What if we told you that you could feed your family for around $10 per person with our quick, easy takeaway-alternative suggestions? Read on to find out more.


Convenience is king but with the cost of living the way it is these days, spending out on takeaway does leave a sting.  Let’s assume you’re not heading for the nearest burger or fried chicken franchise but getting a relatively healthy takeaway like a burrito, or green chicken curry from your local Thai place.  These days, you won’t get much change out of $20 per person and for a family of four or five, that does add up. Here are our Top 5 ready-to-go alternative ‘meal deal’ suggestions for a family of four, all available at your local Hill Street that make any meal, a happy meal!


1.     BBQ Chicken + an extra-large salad - $7.47 per person

Coming in at $29.90 this really is a bargain. A roasted Tasmania Marion Bay free-range chicken and one of our large Hill Street salads made by our kitchen team at Cambridge, this will feed 4 people for $7.47 per person. Optional extra – add a Daly Hot Potato and Gravy for $5.50 and you’ve got dinner sorted for $35.40.


2.     Scottsdale Hot Roast Pork + Hot Potato and Gravy - $6.63 per person

Scottsdale Pork produces excellent ethically raised pork in the picturesque north-west of Tasmania.  We have roasted loins complete with crackling for $21.00. Add a Daly Hot Potato and Gravy for $5.50 and your total is $26.50.  Add an optional Hill Street extra-large salad and you’re paying $42.45 or just over $10 per person.


3.    Hill Street family lasagne + an extra-large Greek salad - $9.98 per person - including leftovers!

Our generous Bolognese and vegetarian family size lasagnes made by our kitchen team at Cambridge are definitely more than 4 portions, so you’ll have leftovers for the next day for sure.  Add a Greek salad and this meal costs you $39.95.


4.    Hill Street Beef Shepherd’s Pie/ Vegetable and Feta Quiche + a Greek Salad - $10.11 / $8.86 per person

Also created by Hill Street kitchen, these two are delicious and made just like you would at home with quality ingredients and no additives. They total $40.45 for the pie and salad, and $35.45 for the quiche and salad.


5.    Wursthaus’ range of ready-made heat-and-eat meals – about $5.00 per person.

Sure you will need to warm these up and cook a portion of pasta or rice, but these home-style sauces are so wholesome and so economical they must have a spot in your fridge for those busy nights.  Their Chilli Con Carne, Italian Bolognese, and Pork and Veal meatballs come in 850g containers and are enough for four or even five once you add pasta or rice. At $15.00, plus a few dollars for a serve of pasta or rice, they are incredibly good value.


6.     Wursthaus soups – about $3.99 per person

Soups are great on a winter’s night and these quality soups look and taste homemade.  They’re $7.99 each and you’ll need two 500g containers for a family of four. Choose from Pea and Ham, Italian Minestrone, Moroccan Beef and Vegetable, or Pumpkin, Coconut and Coriander. They are a complete meal; just add a crusty bread roll with butter and an open fire and life’s pretty good – and affordable.


Prices correct as of 4 August 2023.

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