International Falafel Day… celebrating fantastic falafel

Are you a falafel fanatic? Filled with chickpeas (most commonly) or fava beans this traditional dish of the Middle East is loved by foodies across the globe. Deep-fried or oven-baked to create a crispy outer crust enveloping a delicious, soft and fluffy interior, Falafel is undisputedly one of the most popular meat substitutes on the market.


The origin of the falafel (like that of many foods) is hotly debated however it is widely accepted that the dish was first consumed by Coptic Christians in Egypt during Lent, where it was traditionally made with the flavoursome fava bean. The humble falafel then found its way travelling as far away as Morocco and Saudi Arabia and is now widely consumed all over the world.  


Filled with a delicious mixture of spices and herbs and served with sauces like tahini (for those wanting a more traditional experience) or tzatziki, falafel is a versatile dish. Wrap it in pita bread with lettuce, tomato and cucumber, enjoy it as part of a delicious salad or try our recipe for Beetroot Falafel with Hummus. Yum!

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