How to choose and ripen avocados


How to choose and ripen avocados

We just love avocados. Whether it’s smashed on toast and topped with fetta, in a salad, a smoothie or even our Avocado Goddess Dressing, they add an amazing taste. But what’s the best way to look after avocados when you get them home? And how do you choose the right avocado?

Hass avocados are the most common avocado variety and are recognisable for their oval shape and textured skin. Hass change colour as they ripen, going from green to purple/black. They have a creamy texture and taste. When buying Hass avocados choose them hard and olive green if you are eating them in 2-3 days; firm and green/black Hass will be ready in 1-2 days; and soft and purple/black are ready to eat immediately.

Shepard avocados are a longer and more elongated shape than Hass. They have a smooth, glossy green skin that remains green even when they are ripe with a nutty flavour and buttery texture. Hard and bright green Shepard avocados will be ready to eat in 2-3 days; firm and bright green in 1-2 days; and soft and bright green are ready to eat immediately.

Avocados should be stored at room temperature in the fruit bowl until they reach the perfect ripeness. If your avocado is ripe but you don’t want to eat it straight away, pop it in the fridge. Whole avocados will maintain their optimum ripeness for two to three days if kept in the fridge. If you have a very unripe avocado place it in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana for a couple of days to speed up the ripening process. The plant hormone ethylene, which occurs naturally in fruits like apples and bananas will trigger the ripening process.

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