Growing seeds in eggshells… a great school holiday activity for the kids


Growing from seed is an incredibly rewarding experience when it comes to growing your own food. Nothing really compares to the wait, the suspense, the panic and then (finally) the joy of seeing your seedlings pop their heads above soil for the first time. It is also a great way to to educate your children about the lifecycle of plants and is the perfect school holidy activity.

Growing seeds in eggshells is easy, doesn’t take up much time or space and they will happily sit inside on your windowsill until the seedlings are ready for planting (another great activity to involve the kids in).

To make a start, simply save and wash 12 ‘half’ egg shells (ensuring that at least half of the shell is intact). Place the empty shells inside a recycled egg carton, then use a spoon fill each one with seed-starting soil.

Place a couple of seeds in each shell, or as per the instructions on the seed packet. Leave the carton on a sunny windowsill and mist with water using a spray bottle – as there are no drainage holes, be careful not to overwater. Now, wait patiently for the seedlings to emerge.

Once the seedlings have sprouted, snip the smallest ones to allow the strongest ones more room to grow. After the seedlings have developed their first set of true leaves, you can transplant either into a larger pot or straight into the garden still in the eggshells. To do this, gently crush the eggshells and remove a few shards from the bottom. This way you can plant the whole thing, with the shell decomposing in the soil to provide some extra nutrients for your seedlings.

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