Feeling hot, hot, hot… five foods to keep you cool this summer


As temperatures continue to rise it can be hard to stay cool but, did you know that you can eat your way to feeling cooler? Eating water-rich foods can help lower your body’s core temperature, cooling you from the inside out. You can also trick your body into thinking it’s cooler than it is by using food to trigger certain nerve responses, making your body feel colder than it is. Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out more.

Mint - The menthol in mint activates nerve receptors in the body, tricking it into thinking that it is cooler than it is. The body’s core temperature remains the same however the body’s response to menthol is to feel colder.

Avocado - The good fats in avocado help remove heat and toxins from the bloodstream quickly and efficiently helping you feel cooler.

Cucumber - Want to be as cool as a cucumber in summer? With a water content of approximately 95%, eating cucumber can help keep your body cool by keeping it hydrated. Some other water-rich foods are watermelon, zucchini, squash, celery, and broccoli. 

Yoghurt – Yoghurt is an essential component in many diets across the globe and is eaten in high quantities in some of the hottest climates on earth (think India, Turkey, or Indonesia). Yoghurt draws heat from the surfaces it touches, cooling down the body as you eat it.

Spicy Foods – Spicy foods (and hot drinks) may sound like an odd choice if you are hoping to beat the heat but eating hot and spicy foods and drinking hot drinks can cool you down substantially. How? The hot/spicy food or beverage triggers a response in the nerves of the tongue. This registers the heat and calls on the body’s internal cooling system (sweating) to help bring down the temperature. When you consider that some of the world’s hottest locations boast some of the world’s spiciest foods it makes sense.

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