Feeling hot, hot hot…. the best ways to keep school lunches warm


Remember your lunchbox as a kid? Hand-cut sandwiches wrapped in baking paper, usually with a spread of some description or cold meat and tomato sauce if you were lucky. Let’s face it, a cold lunch everyday can get a little boring. But a warm lunch in winter, that’ll keep your kids happy, well-fed and warm! Look, we know it can be hard to keep those hot lunches hot, but we’re got a few tips to help you keep those school lunches hot, hot, hot.

1.     It really goes without saying that the first step is to buy a good quality thermos. Once you’ve got the thermos home, wash it thoroughly ready for use. When you are making a school lunch, boil some water in the kettle, then fill the thermos and empty it before adding the food. The thermos will absorb the heat from the boiling water and help the food retain heat. You can also use this same principle if you are using a glass container or metal lunchbox (combine with the foil and tea towel methods below).


2.     Wrap hot food in aluminium foil and a tea towel, this is great for things like a toasted sandwich, or quiches as it mimics an insulated lunchbox or bag.


3.     Use a hot water bottle or a heat pack – they don’t just keep your feet warm on a cold evening they’re also perfect for keeping your lunch warm.


4.     Instant hand warmers – It’s same principle as above, and they are readily available at pharmacies.

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