Everything you need to know about … Ravioli

Everything you need to know about… Ravioli2.jpg

Tomorrow is International Ravioli Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of delicious pasta pillows filled with all manner of delightful ingredients. This Italian institution dates back as far as the 14th century and ravioli is a must-try when visiting northern Italy.

Ravioli is an essential part of Italy’s culinary traditions, with many regions boasting their own special variety.  In northern Italy Agnolotti is popular. It is traditionally made with beef, ham, spinach, and egg and is usually served dressed in beef broth, butter and occasionally herbs so as not to distract from the tasty filling within the pasta. In northern Tuscany, mashed potato filled ravioli called Tortelli are served in a meat sauce, while in southern Tuscany, the Tortelli are filled with ricotta and spinach.

Another northern Italian variety is Cappelletti. Filled with meat and cheese, this simple but delicious ravioli is often served with a light chicken broth. Hailing from the Italian Riviera, specifically from Liguria, is Pansotti.  Similar to Cappelletti, Pansotti is filled with ricotta cheese and lots of herbs. It’s often dressed with a nut-based sauce with is usually made from walnuts or hazelnuts. This filling is also delicious topped with melted butter and crispy sage. Yum!

No matter what gets your tastebuds tingling there is a filling and style of Ravioli for everyone.

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