Eat your way to productivity… five foods that will stimulate your brain.

Feeling lethargic, unmotivated, and easily distracted? Use food as fuel to power your brain and eat your way to productivity. The next time you find yourself hitting an unproductive patch grab a handful of these brain-boosting foods

Almonds – Almonds are a popular food known for boosting focus. They are packed with healthy fats, good calories, and protein to help boost productivity and help get you through the day. The protein will also help keep you fuller for longer, giving you the benefit of high brain function for longer.

Green Tea – Green tea is great for sustaining productivity. While it contains less caffeine than coffee, the caffeine in green tea, coupled with the naturally occurring amino acid L-theanine, creates a combination that improves brain function and reduces blood sugar levels.

Eggs – Eggs are a great food to snack on to maintain focus. Eggs are high in choline, a micronutrient responsible for improving memory, and supporting your nervous system, muscle control, and mood.

Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate is packed with compounds that boost brain function such as caffeine, antioxidants, and flavonoids. The flavonoids found in dark chocolate benefit the brain’s memory and support healthy learning (when consumed in moderation).

Fatty Fish – Eating fish that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids is essential to support a healthy brain; that means eating more sardines, tuna, and salmon. Your brain is approximately 60% fat with half of that being made up of Omega-3. So, it makes sense that filling our bodies with the compounds that make up brain matter would increase function, focus, and productivity.

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