Earth Day … how your small changes can make a difference


April 22 is Earth Day. More than one billion people celebrate Earth Day annually by undertaking activities, big and small, designed to protect our planet and to educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. There are a whole range of ways that you can become involved, including making changes to your food habits.  Let’s take a look at ways you can make a difference.

Eat locally grown food and produce that is in season

Eating locally grown and seasonal food is one of the best ways you can make an impact. Not only are you helping local producers but you are also reducing food miles. On top of that your food will be fresher and have more flavour and nutrients because it is in season.

Eat more plants

Incorporating more plants into your diet will cut your carbon footprint, conserve water, save habitats, reduce pollution and contribute to cleaner air.

Enjoy raw

There’s a range of health benefits associated with eating fruit and vegetables raw including maximising nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes in your food. From an environmental perspective, choosing to eat more raw foods means less energy consumption therefore helping our planet.

Cook in batches

A further way that you can reduce your electricity and energy consumption is by batch cooking. Rather than making meals everyday, you can cook larger batches and enjoy them over several days.

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