Camp food essentials… things to pack for the ultimate camping trip


The holidays are almost upon us. The kids are finishing their last weeks of school, work is wrapping up for the year and we are all getting excited about our plans for the Christmas break. For many families, Christmas is the time of year that they pack up the car or the caravan with tents, camp chairs, inflatable mattresses, and sleeping bags and set off on a camping adventure. There is always plenty of thought put into what essentials to pack … pillows, mosquito repellent, and toilet paper. The list is extensive, but, often little thought is given to camp food and utensils, outside of some sausages on the barbecue, loaves of bread, and packets of potato chips. Below we’ve put together a list of our camp food essentials to help take your next camping trip to the next level.


Popcorn – Add some popcorn kernels to your list of must-pack camping foods. Not only is it fun to make it’s also incredibly easy. All you need is a pot with a lid, a selection of toppings (butter, salt, icing sugar), and some corn kernels. Cook over an open campfire, gas stove top, or barbecue.


Overnight Oats – Make these during the day and pop them in the esky overnight for a tasty, filling breakfast that will give you all the energy you need to go exploring. Prepare them in jars for single servings or a big container with a lid to feed the masses.


French Toast – French toast is another great breakfast option if you are looking for something a little special to enjoy on holiday. Staples for a camping trip often include all the ingredients you need for French toast and for ease you can use long-life milk instead of fresh. French toast can easily be cooked on the barbecue or over an open fire adding a wonderful smoky flavour.


Potatoes – Potatoes are a must-pack for any camping trip because they require very little preparation, and they don’t need to be stored cold. One super simple way to enjoy potatoes while camping is to pierce them all over with a fork and rub them with oil, salt, and pepper. Next, wrap them in foil and bury them in the hot coals of your campfire for approximately an hour to an hour and a half. Add the toppings of your choice and you’ve got a tasty meal for lunch or dinner.


Cast Iron Pan – Cook anything that can be cooked on a hot plate over a campfire with a cast iron pan, griddle, or skillet. Steak, no worries. Fish, simple.


One Pan Nachos – Another great dinner option for feeding a group is nachos. Use a pan in the campfire or an aluminium tray that can be placed straight into the coals. Layer your tray or pan with corn chips, cheese, and salsa. Simply bake until the cheese has melted and you’ve got a Mexican feast with minimal effort and clean-up required.

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