All you need to know about … Greek yoghurt


All you need to know about … Greek yoghurt.jpg

With so many options available it can be hard knowing what the best yoghurt choice is. Should you choose full-fat or low-fat? Flavoured or plain? Thick or thin? Obviously you’ll want to choose a yoghurt whose taste you enjoy and one that packs a punch nutritionally. Greek yoghurt is a fantastic choice, being tasty, versatile and nutritionally jam-packed with the good things.

So what exactly makes a yoghurt “Greek”? It is the style of the yoghurt. Traditional Greek-style yoghurt is made using a live bacterial culture, then the yoghurt is strained to remove most of the liquid and whey which leaves a thicker and more nutritious product. Greek yoghurt contains probiotics for gut health, B vitamins, calcium, iodine, potassium, carbohydrate and protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Greek yoghurt has very little added sugar which means that it can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes. Its low water content makes Greek yoghurt the thickest yoghurt and that means it is ideal for cooking, baking and making marinades and dips. It’s also fantastic for breakfast with fruit, added to sauces for a delicious creaminess, and as a replacement for sour cream.

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