All you need to know about … Cox Orange Pippin Apples


All you need to know about … Cox Orange Pippin Apples2.jpg

It is estimated that there are more than 7000 varieties of apples in the world. With such a huge diversity of flavour, texture and appearance available, it is hard to claim the title of the best dessert apple in the world, but that’s exactly what Cox’s Orange Pippin apples have done. Discover what makes this apple so special below.

Cox’s Orange Pippin are a mid-season apple that has a dull orange-red colour and a rich and complex flavour. This variety originated from the Pippin group of apples in England and was raised by Richard Cox in 1825, hence its name. Cox’s Orange Pippins have a reputation for being difficult to grow, not suited to hot and dry conditions, and so they are most commonly found in England, New Zealand, Tasmania, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Pacific North West of the USA and Canada, and Nova Scotia in eastern Canada. In Tasmania they were introduced to the Huon Valley in 1897, when a full field of the variety was planted.

This classic English apple has a remarkable range of flavours – pear, melon, freshly squeezed orange juice and mango are all evident and it is said by enthusiasts that other apples taste one-dimensional compared to a Cox’s Orange Pippin. Not only is it an excellent dessert apple, it’s spicy and honeyed flavour and crisp, juicy texture makes it a fabulous eating apple too.

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