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Tasty, economical and versatile, chicken thighs are a great cut of meat. If you’re someone who automatically bypasses thighs in favour of chicken breast, you’re missing out on a fantastic ingredient. Let’s explore why you should be adding chicken thighs to your shopping basket.

Chicken thighs are renowned for their flavour. Cut from the top section of the chicken leg (the bottom section is the drumstick), thighs are a popular dark meat. Cooked properly, they become tender and juicy with a stronger chicken flavour than chicken breast. They are also considerably cheaper than chicken breast so are great if you’re looking for an economical protein.

Bone-in chicken thighs will give you the most flavourful and moist meat, but you can de-bone them if you want to. To do this place the thigh skin-side down on a chopping board and use a sharp knife to cut alongside the bone. Pull the meat open and trim it away from the bone. If you do de-bone thighs, keep the bones to make chicken stock.

Chicken thighs are easier to cook than chicken breast because they won’t dry out as easily and it is hard to overcook them. You can use chicken thighs in a range of ways from grilled to roasted, braised or fried. Try them for pulled chicken recipes, in curries and casseroles.

Nutritionally thighs are a great protein source and the fat in the skin is unsaturated. Although the skin is delicious if you prefer to reduce your fat and calories, it can be removed.

If you’re looking for chicken thigh recipe inspiration, visit our website and search “chicken thigh”.

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