6 reasons you should be eating … Celery


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Think celery is bland, boring and nothing but water? Well that’s just not the case. In fact, with its crunchy texture, low kilojoule content and vitamins and mineral content; celery is a super food you should be regularly including in your diet.

1) Energy
Celery is very low in energy, 100g of celery contains roughly 60 kilojoules. Perfect as a snack throughout the day or in a breakfast smoothie - you can enjoy celery guilt free.

2) Anti-inflammatory
Celery contains apigenin, a molecule that is known to poses anti-inflammatory properties. Apigenin-rich diets can help in reducing inflammation and also aid in restoring immune system balance.

3) Fibre
Celery is a good source if dietary fibre; 100g of chopped celery can contain up to 1.6g of fibre. Fibre has many health benefits including lowering cholesterol, weight control and improving digestive health.

4) Antioxidants
Celery stalks contain around 15 antioxidant nutrients which help the body protect cells, blood vessels and organs from oxidative damage and reduce the risk of oxidative stress. Protection against oxidative stress is crucial, as it can cause damage to DNA and other important structures in the body’s cells.

5) Low GI
Celery ranks low on the glycemic index, which means it has a slow and steady effect on your blood sugar as your body processes it. Foods with a low glycemic index keep you full for longer, making celery the perfect healthy snack.

6) Alkaline
The combination of minerals such as iron, magnesium, and sodium give celery a neutralizing effect on acidic foods. On top of it’s alkalizing properties, these minerals are essential for maintaining healthy bodily functions.

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