13 cheese names you might be pronouncing wrong … and how to get them right


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There’s not many people who don’t love cheese but there are quite a few who have trouble with the pronunciation of some cheese names. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you out.


The wrong way: Cam-em-bert
The right way: Cam-mem-bear
A milky and sweet taste which distinguishes it from brie.

The wrong way: By
The right way: Bree
Light with a salty finish – just a delight to eat.

The wrong way: Gow-da
The right way: Goo-da
Nutty and buttery.

The wrong way: Groy-err
The right way: Groo-yair
Sweet, earthy and pairs well with a Sauvignon Blanc.

The wrong way: Rock-fort
The right way: Roke-fort
A well-known French blue with a tangy and sharp taste. Serve at room temperature.

The wrong way: Mass-car-pone
The right way: Mass-car-pone-ay
Creamy and a little sour. Whisk it into a creamy dip or use it in a dessert like Tiramisu.

The wrong way: Chev-ree
The right way: Shev-rah
An earthy goat cheese that goes well with red wine.

The wrong way: Tah-leg-ee-oh
The right way: Tah-ledge-ee-oh
Mild with a fruity tang. Try it on a baguette.

The wrong way: Jar-les-burg
The right way: Yarls-burg
This Swiss cheese is nutty and buttery.

The wrong way: Burr-ah-ta
The right way: Boo-rah-ta
It’s creamy and great with prosciutto.

The wrong way: Fay-ta
The right way: Feh-ta
Salty and tangy. Great in salad or try it with nuts for a match made in heaven.

The wrong way: Pro-vo-lone-ay
The right way: Pro-vah-lone
Sharp and spicy. Try it with a sweet relish or jam.

The wrong way: Mut-za-rell
The right way: Mott-sah-rell-lah
Creamy and soft and delicious served with sliced tomatoes.

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