10 Kitchen Spring cleaning jobs you can do in 5 minutes … time to make that kitchen sparkle


10 Kitchen Spring cleaning jobs you can do in 5 minutes … time to make that kitchen sparkle2.jpg

Spring is traditionally the season for a good old clean-up around the house. With the warmer weather and longer-days (thanks daylight saving) it’s the perfect time to give your home a spruce up and declutter. But if the thought of a day full of vacuuming, mopping and dusting leaves you cold, there are a number of tasks that you can do in five minutes or less that will make an impact on how fresh and clean your home feels.

1.     Declutter and tidy

If you have a lot of stuff sitting on your kitchen bench, take five minutes to put things away. If there are things that don’t belong in the kitchen, gather them in a laundry basket and return them to their rightful home. You’ll be amazed at the difference that removing clutter can make to how tidy the kitchen looks.

2.     Scrub the sink

Give the kitchen sink a deep clean by sprinkling it with bicarbonate of soda, then squirt it with liquid dishwashing detergent and scrub with a non-scratch scourer or brush. Rinse and wipe dry with a soft cloth to finish.

3.     Clean a small appliance

Be honest, how often do you clean out your toaster? If the answer is “not often” then spend five minutes giving it a good clean. Other appliances that are easy to clean in five minutes are the microwave, coffee machine, kettle and dishwasher. Please remember to unplug appliances before cleaning.

4.     Clean the kitchen cabinets

Sure, you regularly clean your kitchen bench, but the front of your kitchen cabinets are often missed during regular kitchen cleaning. Give them a spritz using your preferred cleaning spray and then wipe clean with a cloth.

5.     Condiment clean

Do you keep your cooking oils, salt and pepper near the stove? Over time grease and grime can build up on them so give them a wipe down with some diluted white vinegar and a soft cloth.

6.     Clean out one refrigerator drawer or shelf

Tackling a whole fridge clean can feel overwhelming so break it down into more manageable five minute sessions. Empty one drawer or shelf, discarding anything that is out of date, then clean and wipe the shelf or drawer before return items to the fridge.

7.     Pantry clean

A whole pantry clean can take a while so if you’re time poor, break it down into sections or shelves and tackle one at a time. Remove all items, wipe the shelves, dispose of expired items and then neatly restack.

8.     Wipe out your cutlery drawer

Pull everything out of the cutlery drawer and give it a thorough wipe out. You will even have time to do a bit of reorganising if your drawer needs it.

9.     Clean the garbage bin

Although this takes longer than five minutes, the actual hands-on time you will spend is minimal. The easiest way to clean your bin is to fill it with warm soapy water and leave to stand for an hour, then tip out water and wipe the bin with a dry cloth.

10.  Wipe the top of the fridge and rangehood

The top of the fridge and rangehood are two spots in the kitchen that are rarely seen but also are traps for grease, dust and dirt. Giving them a thorough clean will take you less than five minutes.

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