Keep on keeping on … an update for you

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Well hasn’t it been an interesting few months? 2020 has certainly been a year to remember! Now that things are starting to settle a little we thought we’d give you an update on our year to date.

For us January is always a time to regroup after the hectic pace of the festive season. This year was no different and we spent January doing a post-Christmas wrap up and looking at ways that we can improve for Christmas 2020.

February is always a busy time with Valentine’s Day and our florists worked their magic to create gorgeous floral designs for the day. February also marks the traditional end of the shack and holiday season in Tassie as everyone heads back to school and work, and we notice the stores become busier during this time. Then in March when our focus is usually very much on getting prepared for Easter, the effects and restrictions of COVID-19 really hit and we hurried to implement new protocols and precautions to protect our team and you, our customers. As part of that we ramped up our delivery zones for our online stores to ensure that as many people as possible were able to have groceries delivered to their door. And although there are more people venturing out to shop now than before, our online stores are still delivering and offering you the convenience of having someone else do the shopping, packing and delivering for you. If you’re not sure if we deliver to your postcode you can check by clicking this link and entering your suburb or postcode.

April brought further COVID-19 restrictions but also the lovely distraction of a unique Easter spent holed-up with immediate family enjoying way too much chocolate. Then just as we said goodbye to the Easter Bunny, Mother’s Day beckoned. It’s always one of our favourite days; we adore seeing the love and the thought that you put into celebrating your mums. This year (because sometimes at Hill Street we get these crazy ideas and just run with them) we thought we’d create a whole new website for Hill Street Home before Mother’s Day. So, we were super-busy getting that done and then super-chuffed that you all loved the site so much. Our Home team had a record number of orders for Mother’s Day and worked tirelessly to get the deliveries out on time. And here we are in mid-May wondering like everyone else what is going to unfold over the coming months. No matter what happens we will keep on keeping on and doing the best we can every day. We hope to see you in-store or shopping online soon.

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