Introducing Tas Ag Co … beyond sustainable beef



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Hill Street is excited to announce the arrival of Tas Ag Co to our stores. Founded by Sam and Steph Trethewey, who have a farm in Tasmania’s central north, Tas Ag Co produces regenerative Wagyu that’s good for you and the planet. This young Tassie couple is focussed on the future of food that is beyond sustainable. Additionally their meat is packaged in industry-leading sustainable home-compostable packaging.

Tas Ag Co is the first large scale regenerative beef brand in Tasmania. The beef is grown using non-conventional, holistic farming practices. Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and stored back in the ground where it belongs, making a positive impact on climate change. In 2019 Tas Ag Co became the first farm in Tasmania to register a soil carbon project through Australia’s $2.5 billion Emissions Reduction Fund, using the only soil carbon measuring protocol eligible under the United Nations Paris Agreement.

Restoring native ecosystems and rebuilding soil health through data-backed management practices and carbon farming are the epicentre of Tas Ag Co. They’re repairing landscapes, restoring environmental health and creating a nutritious and sustainable food product for the modern day, conscious consumer. Their farming techniques allow them to capture and store carbon dioxide. Some of the unique ways that they do this are through ‘Salad Bowl’ paddocks where multispecies crops add diversity to the cattle’s diet, improve soil health and sequester carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Rotational grazing where cattle are moved to fresh paddocks daily, kick-starts the plant and soil regeneration process. Tas Ag Co do not use pesticides as these disrupt soil microorganisms.

Look out for Tas Ag Co Wagyu at your local Hill Street store and learn more about Sam and Steph’s story below.

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